There are a lot of reasons why we people differ from fashion. Some say that our characteristics and our lifestyle vary because of our environment and how we are rear up by our parents. Psychologist say that it is because of the developmental stages that we meet and not met. Scientist say, heredity. But whatever the reason is, I believe that the change is unending because life and the world is a constant change. \n\nBeauty of Fashion\n\n\n\nIn terms of fashion. Young and Old, we dress up differently. Our fashion statement really differ. It depends on our body structure, skin,status, likes and that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. The beauty of the dress does not depend on the person who wears it or how expensive the dress is. It depends on how that person carry his or her self with the dress he or she is wearing. \nSome of us are born to be simple, don not care about fashion or really don not know fashion. Some people needs to be taught or need help to see the so called what is IN and NOT, what looks GOOD to her and what is NOT. I really think that there are people born unconscious of there surroundings. They do not care if they do not belong. They only care about their daily living and themselves.\n\nBeauty Despite the Differences\n\nI think that their is a lot of reason in this world for us to enjoy and to appreciate. I can see that even we differ in terms of clothing and appearance I am happy. Seeing the difference makes us unique. Our uniqueness make the world of fashion challenging and colorful.\nI will take the psychology reason of why we differ in terms of fashion. Developmental stage is their reason. When we are little children I really have a feeling that girls who loves to dress up their dolls grows up to be more fashionable. There artistic talent and creativity have mold them to become beauty conscious and into fashion. Simply means that little children become fashionable and their change is because of dress up game after all.\n\nBeauty of Dress Up Games\n\nInternet and Computers now have enter the world of fashion and dress up. This time a lot are learning their fashion and to be fashionable because of the so called On line Dress Up Games. If you have internet,all you need to do is just to type in the Dress up Games website and presto, you can play different kind of Dress Up Games as you can in just a matter of seconds. Technology sure is great. They are now extending their creativity even in Fashion and girl thing.\nNow I think we do not need to go back on being a kid. You can now learn fashion and be fashionable on online dress up games. In everyday play of dress up games you can be updated of what is new and what clothes you can be sure fits you so well. \nIf you love Dress Up Games with your paper dolls and Barbie dolls, I am definitely sure you will love on line dress up even more, more and more everyday. Learning fashion is now made easy. This dress up game have lead the lesson of choosing the proper clothing and accessories directly on our home. With this games you are not only learning but at the same time you are also able to satisfy yourself. You feel more good and understand the beauty of others. Learning Dress Up Games contributes a lot to our development as a human being. It have help us to have fun and learn. This game is really two in one package.